Zombie Hunt 2020 – NOW Magazine


Join the first York Region Zombie Hunt in support of St. John Ambulance. Originally planned as a large community Zombie Walk, we now know that even Zombies must maintain social distancing and abide by the rules. For this reason, we have transformed the Zombie Walk into a family friendly Zombie Hunt, allowing participants to take part while remaining safe and still supporting the local community and St. John Ambulance.

This year’s Zombie Hunt will have an estimated 31 activities, sponsored by local York Region organizations, to be completed during the month of October. Participants who complete each activity will be eligible for a draw specific to that activity. All activities will be family-friendly and pandemic safe.

In addition to the individual activity prizes, participants will be given Zombie Bingo cards creating the possibility of winning larger prizes and some special Zombie Prizes will be awarded to the most outstanding Zombies. All prizes will be presented following the conclusion of the Zombie Hunt.

All the details of the Zombie Hunt will be sent to you prior to Oct 1st.
The proceeds from ticket sales will support St. John Ambulance. $10, family $25, team $150.  https://www.yrzombiehunt.com/