Your definitive season-by-season Toronto Raptors Viewing Guide, Part II – The Athletic


Welcome back for the second part of my Raptors viewing guide. Here is Part I. This idea came about with TSN and Sportsnet announcing that they are teaming up to re-air last year’s playoffs over the next 24 nights, starting Friday, which is a cool initiative.

A quick reminder on two issues.

1. I did not simply list the three best games of any given season, although, in some particularly bleak seasons, it boils down to just that. Instead, I’ve listed a hit single, the most memorable/fun game from a season, a solid album track, a game that most Raptors fans can probably recall and recite some details from, and a deep cut, a game that is either largely forgotten but interesting or interesting for obscure/niche reasons. For that reason, there are some really good games that are not listed among the 75 that I cite. Regardless, please feel free to share some of your unmentioned favourites in the comments section.

2. I have limited myself to one playoff game…