Yea or nay on 3 intriguing trade and free agency rumors


Over the course of one offseason, the Toronto Raptors could go from a championship contender led by players like Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam to a team that could be stripped bare as Lowry teases a move away from Canada and Siakam recovers from a major shoulder injury. As a result, Raptors trade rumors are starting to crop up.

The Raptors have one of the more interesting offseason on the docket, as they could start from scratch and blow the roster up just as easily as they could make some additions here and there to take this team to the next level and compete in a tough division.

The Raptors may not have kicked off their offseason frenzy in earnest just yet, but that hasn’t stopped the franchise from ending up in the rumor mill, as the Toronto name has been linked to some moves that vary from the intriguing to the seismic.

Some of these rumors would be ideal for the Raptors in the short and long term, and some of them are so laughable that Toronto shouldn’t even consider them. Which ones make sense, and which ones are illogical?

These 3 Toronto Raptors rumors could be interesting developments.

Dennis Schroder, Toronto Raptors

ORLANDO, FL – APRIL 26: Dennis Schroder #17 of the Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)

1. The Raptors have interest in Dennis Schroder

With Lowry still potentially on the move, Schroder could be one of the more natural replacements on the free agent market, as a poor end to his Lakers season against the Suns should erase the fact that he is just a year removed from having his Sixth Man of the Year award stolen from him. He could give Toronto an impact starter.

Shams Charania of The Athletic is reporting that the Raptors are trying to throw their hat in the Schroder ring, as signing him to a multi-year deal and leaning on a backcourt of him and Fred VanVleet would be a heck of a way to get Toronto back into the playoff picture.

Would Dennis Schroder be a fit with the Toronto Raptors?

His scoring did decline, yes, but 15.4 points per game on 43% shooting despite CLEARLY being the third option on a team that also featured LeBron James and Anthony Davis ends up being slightly more impressive. A pestilent defender and quality passer, Schroder might be able to provide a somewhat convincing Lowry facsimile, albeit in a much slinkier frame.

There exists a scenario where the Raptors assume that they have enough talent to make the postseason in Toronto, swap out a departing Lowry for Schroder, and run it back with almost the same squad. This could come true, and the Raptors might improve upon last year by adhering to this and committing to Schroder.

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