Would drafting Kentucky’s Brandon Boston Jr. be worth the risk?


While much-hyped recruit Brandon Boston Jr., also known as BJ Boston, joined John Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcats before this season, he was expected to dominate the SEC en route to a Top-10 selection. Unfortunately for Boston, a poor statistical season could lead to a major slide, which could help change the Toronto Raptors’ draft plans if they decide to trade down.

Boston is a jaw-dropping athlete that can absolutely decimate the rim when the high-flying leaper gets a full head of steam. Unfortunately, as has been seen this season, he is much rawer than most anticipated. Boston doesn’t seem phased by that criticism, as he is going pro.

After he failed to make the NCAA Tournament, Boston declared for the 2021 NBA Draft, hoping that a team like the Raptors will get enticed by his athletic potential.

Boston’s ceiling is as high as anyone in this class given his offensive potential, but the floor is at the bottom of the Grand Canyon given how poor he was last year. Is this a roller coaster Toronto should consider riding?

Is Brandon Boston Jr. in the Toronto Raptors draft plans?

Sports Illustrated is the most bullish on Boston, as they have him ranked as the No. 25 player in this class, while ESPN has him ranked 34th overall. Tankathon has him 37th. That’s…not great for a player who was a consensus Top 10 pick before he decided to play at Kentucky.

Boston, who weights just 185 pounds at 6-7, struggled with the physicality of the game in college. With a 35% shooting percentage and 30% success rate from 3-point range, Boston’s main positive trait, his ability to put the ball in the basket, started to erode as the season went on. So why would the Raptors be interested?

If Nick Nurse can get this guy to add about 25-30 pounds, he is such a natural athlete that can make difficult shots, create off of the dribble, and handle the ball well despite his size. At his best, he is a throwback slasher wing that skies to the basket, draws fouls, and use his 7-foot wingspan to make plays on defense, provided the intensity is there.

Boston is a huge gamble, as Murphy’s Law completely decimated his draft stock over the last year. He could be a regular All-Star if his shots starts falling and he adds some size, but those are gigantic question marks. Luckily, if Boston ends up in Toronto, he’d develop under one of the best staffs in the entire league, with Nick Nurse at the center of it all.