With Kucherov in Beast Mode, Can Tampa Take Control of the Final?


As most people who have watched any NHL hockey over the years know, the league has a rather bizarre unwritten rule. It’s actually a major part of The Code™ that nobody seems to be able to articulate or fully explain. And that rule is that if you’re more naturally talented and harder working than your peers, you’re going to be subject to all forms of abuse and you’re going to keep your mouth shut.

The NHL allows, nay actually encourages, this kind of stuff, so why would the Dallas Stars not set their sights on Nikita Kucherov? It makes perfect sense to go after a former league MVP, the leading scorer in the playoffs and a guy who had 13 shot attempts in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final and had nothing but a dash-2 to show for it. So, the Stars did that and for about the first 10 minutes of Game 2, it worked. Kucherov looked unproductive and mistake-prone and his body language suggested that he was getting down on himself.