Why Knicks should pay attention to Pelicans’ interest in Myles Turner, Kyle Lowry


Myles Turner guards Kyle Lowry in transition

Myles Turner guards Kyle Lowry in transition

The New Orleans Pelicans are looking to make moves this offseason, and Indians Pacers C Myles Turner and Toronto Raptors PG Kyle Lowry are two players of interest, sources tell SNY’s Ian Begley.

First, the Pels and Pacers have “touched base” on a potential deal for Turner, the shot-blocking wizard for Indiana. As Begley said, those talks reaching an advanced stage is unknown, but Turner is receiving looks from many angles — not just New Orleans.

The Golden State Warriors was a team mentioned by The Ringer as well.

As for Lowry, he has been a name on New Orleans’ radar, per Begley. The Pelicans are looking for ways to shed some salary to pursue a veteran, and if they do so, the All-Star is a target. But once again, many are looking at the free agent point guard.

Why does this matter to Knicks fans? Well, both of these players have had interest in New York, too.

This year’s NBA trade deadline saw rumors of the Knicks’ reported interest in Turner, especially with Mitchell Robinson‘s status for the postseason questionable at best. However, Begley did say the Knicks weren’t looking for a big name at the March 25 deadline, and that eventually came to fruition.

Still, the Knicks have the same questions down low this offseason. Nerlens Noel‘s contract is up, though there is a good chance New York signs him to a new deal. Then, there’s what to do with Robinson, who has shown flashes of a solid NBA center, but injuries aren’t helping his cause. He’s got a club option that becomes fully guaranteed on Aug. 1, and he’s set to be a free agent after this upcoming season.

Speaking of improvements on the Knicks’ roster, the pursuit of a point guard that can score is a priority this offseason and Lowry is an obvious target on the market. Leon Rose & Co. have the cap space to reach a deal with a big name like him, or even Damian Lillard if a trade is available via Portland.

Lowry could be a great fit for the Knicks, and Begley pointed out recently two important factors that could determine whether or not he lands in Madison Square Garden. There’s also Chris Paul to consider in free agency, too, and let’s not forget about the 2022 guards — Bradley Beal and Zach LaVine — who are likely to be available.

So, while the Knicks do have assets in their corner — draft picks, ample cap space, and a clear winning mentality from last season — there will be competition out there from teams wishing to turn things around for their own franchise as well.

New Orleans is certainly on that list.