Where Does Henrik Lundqvist Rank Among Ranger Goalies All-Time?


By the time Henrik Lundqvist accepts all of his buyout money from the New York Rangers, he will have earned more than $105 million playing (and not playing) for the Broadway Blueshirts. So there’s no doubt no goalie has made more money playing for the Rangers than King Henrik.

But is he the greatest goaltender the Rangers have ever had? Except for not being able to backstop the Rangers to a Stanley Cup championship, Lundqvist has done just about everything else for them. He has been a beacon for the Rangers on and off the ice and has been a class act in every sense of the word. You could argue that he doesn’t deserve an ending like this, until of course you consider that the game owes nobody a thing and the athletes who get to finish their careers on their own terms are in a minority.