What are the top 10 high-scoring games of Jayson Tatum’s career?


Boston Celtics All-NBA small forward Jayson Tatum has been named the Eastern Conference Player of the Week for the week of Jan. 4 to 10, his second such honor of his career.

Averaging per game career highs in points (26.9), rebounds (7.1) and assists (3.8) while shooting more efficiently than ever from 3-point range (43.8%) and from the free throw line (88.9%), the Duke product’s seemingly inexorable growth towards top-five player status in the league has continued apace in 2020-21, the 40-point game he unleashed against a reeling Toronto Raptors in Tampa Florida early in the week just a hint of the depths of his powers.

Waylaid by a mercifully asymptomatic COVID-19 case at present, it may be some time before we see Tatum back on the court to continue that progression, so let’s take a look at his top-ten highest scoring games of his career so far.

No. 10 – 33 points, 45.8% overall vs. Orlando Magic (2/5/20)

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No. 9 – 33 points, 65% overall vs. Utah Jazz (2/26/20)

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No. 8 – 34 points, 63.2% overall vs. Brooklyn Nets (1/14/19)

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No. 7 – 34 points, 50% overall vs. Portland Trail Blazers (8/2/20)

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No. 6 – 36 points, 63% overall vs Portland Trail Blazers (2/25/20)

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No. 5 – 39 points, 51.7% overall vs. Charlotte Hornets (12/22/19)

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No. 4 – 39 points, 60.9% overall vs. Los Angeles Clippers (2/13/20)

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No. 3 – 40 points, 57.9% overall vs. Toronto Raptors (1/4/21)

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No. 2 – 41 points, 60% overall vs Los Angeles Lakers (2/23/20)

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No. 1 – 41 points, 72.7% overall vs New Orleans Pelicans (1/11/20)

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