Webinar: The Future of Toronto Transit Fares


The pandemic has changed the way we think about public services like the TTC. Transit doesn’t just get us from A to B, it is a lifeline that connects us to essential jobs, health care, and groceries.

It’s more important than ever for transit riders to have a voice and share our vision. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is creating a 5-year plan for transit fares. Without input from riders like you, the new plan won’t reflect our needs.

Sign up for TTC Riders online webinar to learn more from Councillor Shelley Carroll, Masooma Ali, and Bee Lee Soh about the future of transit fares and how you can get involved!

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– The TTC’s plan to study fare policies over the next year
– How transit in other cities compares to the TTC
– How you and your community can have a say about transit fares