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Kyle Lowry

He is apparently selling his home in Toronto in preparation for leaving. This will be the last year in a Raptors uniform, and they are non-contenders. Rumors are already circling that the Masai is taking trade offers, and is also calling around about finding his replace (Ricky Rubio). This is a A LOT of smoke for it to not be real.

Lowry is looking for another big pay day after this year. He wants 2 years / $60 million. So while he’s still a productive player matching his salary this year, and then paying him another big deal is pretty prohibitive to most teams given his age. I would not expect his trade value to be all that high.

Structure of the deal:

1. Longer term replacement for Lowry

2. Larger expirings from us, and filler minimum salary players from them.

Without involving a 3rd team, the Sixers offer would have to be Maxey to satisfy 1 and then our expirings (e.g. Danny Green, Terrance Ferguson). We get a structure like this.

Lowry can slot into Danny Green’s rotation spot, and Baynes can cover the bench stretch 5 minutes.

Sixers have a few remaining expirings to upgrade the bench, most notably Bradley’s $3.5 million.

Lonzo Ball

Rumors are that the Pelicans called around the league about Lonzo’s value, and the reports are its very, very high. He’s also due for a very large pay day this offseason as a RFA. Given that and that they are 15-21, 11th in the West, they have to be strongly considering these offers. Teams like the Knicks are inquiring so you can be sure there are some irrationally high offers out there.

Structure of the deal:

1. Prospects

2. Picks

The Pelicans specifically are terrible on defense. So I would think that getting a prospect that can boost that side of the ball would be priority #1. We have the best defensive prospect in the entire NBA in Matisse Thybulle. If the Pelicans are willing to be reasonable then an essentially 1 for 1 swap of Thybulle for Ball would make a lot of sense for both teams. We get Hart back on his expiring as well to even out the years left on Thybulle’s rookie deal.

Lonzo can take over Danny Green’s starting role, and Danny shifts to taking Thybulle’s role. Hart is a bonus as he can play

Kyle Lowry AND Lonzo Ball

Combining both trades really just changes some of the additional players that are involved. Sixers starting lineup becomes:






The bench remains fairly solid with:





That’s an insanely strong top 9. The only question to me is how many draft picks should the Sixers consider adding to this offer.

Zach Lavine, Bradley Beal, and others

I am very aware these players exist, but their teams do not seem willing at this point to trade them for a pile of draft picks.

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