Toronto’s Mariko Tamaki to write Wonder Woman’s next chapters


Toronto author Mariko Tamaki is set to take on Wonder Woman, one of the most beloved female superheroes of all time.

Tamaki’s run writing for DC Comics’s bi-monthly series will debut in June.

“Writing for comics is pretty much a dream job, full stop,” Tamaki said in a statement. “It’s pretty fricking cool. Wonder Woman was the hero I grew up with, she was my little-kid-living-room cosplay. I have always wanted a golden lasso and an invisible jet and I feel like now, writing Wonder Woman, I’m one step closer.”

Wonder Woman No. 759 and 760, Tamaki’s first two issues, will be illustrated by Batman’s Mikel Janin and feature covers from Batman/Superman’s David Marquez.  

According to DC, the storyline sees the Wonder Woman’s civilian alter ego Diana Prince battling with her superhero identity and villain Maxwell Lord – who, incidentally, will make his big screen debut in the feature film Wonder Woman 1984 that’s hitting cinemas around the same time.

Tamaki is no stranger to the DC universe. She previously wrote one-off graphic novels for both Harley Quinn and Supergirl. She also wrote a brief She-Hulk series for Marvel.

The Canadian writer and artist previously won an Eisner for her graphic novel This One Summer, and more recently penned the beloved Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me.