Toronto Soul Club 6th Anniversary Fundraiser


Toronto Soul Club was established in the summer of 2015 when Dennis P got a bunch of DJ friends together to talk about what we could do to pull the soul community together.

Fast forward to 2021 and marriages happened and babies born and parties changed. A lot has happened over the years especially this last one, making it most imperative to form bonds, build bridges and form alliances to raise each other up.

SATURDAY MAY 22, Noon – 6 pm ET


DJ Line-up:

12:00 : DJ Misty

13:00 : DJ Blush

14:00 : Splattermonkey

15:00 : Graemera

16:00 : TBD (Special Guest)

17:00: DJ Magnificent

18:00: DJ Nico

Fundraising for Toronto Peoples’ Library

Art by @brittneytownsondesign


Instagram: @torontosoulclub @torontopeopleslibrary