Toronto Raptors opening up Scotiabank Arena for American voter registration


There are close to 700,000 American citizens living in Canada, and in the 2016 U.S. election only five per cent of them voted.

But this time, The Toronto Raptors and Coach Nick Nurse want to see them head to the polls.

It’s something he hopes the team can help to change as they plan to open up Scotiabank Arena for two days of voter registration next week.

“I’ll certainly be a part of that, very cool on everybody’s part to do that,” Nurse said.

Dates will be announced by the team in the coming days, as state side concern grows about how U.S. President Donald Trump is handling the lead up to November after refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses.

Trump is also shifting his focus to mail-in voting, “we want to make sure the election is honest and I’m not sure that it can be, I don’t know that it can be,” Trump said.

Election officials have so far said there is zero evidence of voter fraud through that system, despite Trump’s claims that ballots with his name on them are being thrown out.