Toronto Raptors offseason: replacing Lowry and betting on the future


The regular reason for the 2021 season is over, and it’s time for the Playoffs. This means the season is over for some teams who couldn´t make the playoffs. That´s the case of the Toronto Raptors, who finished as the 12th seed in the Eastern Conference.

Last year, the Raptors made it to the Eastern Conference Semifinals, and now, almost after a year, they couldn´t even make it to the play-in tournament, with a negative record of 27-45.

This Raptors team looks different compared to last year. They lost key players like Serge Ibaka, Marc Gasol, and Norman Powell.

The team will need to make some tough choices this offseason. Kyle Lowry´s contract is one of them, as it comes to an end, marking the end of an era.

Kyle Lowry´s Contract