Toronto Life Insider Chef’s Pantry!


The pandemic has proven an opportunity for much of Toronto to experiment with their at-home cooking. Whether you’re simplifying the work-from-home lunch or planning your next family feast, the Toronto Life Insider Chef’s Pantry program is built for your success.

Featuring recipes and ingredients curated by TL Insider’s Chef-In-Residence, each month will showcase a unique theme and selection by a different marquee chef in the City of Toronto. Access exclusive recipes, home-chef tips, selected ingredients and ready-to-order grocery boxes, delivered straight to your front door courtesy of Door2Door Fresh!

This month’s theme is Late Harvest and kicking off the program is TL Insider’s Chef-In-Residence for September, Rob Gentile. Access the Chef’s Pantry here, and check out his ingredient selections and exclusive recipes including a Tomahawk Ribeye, Buca’s Pizza Burrata and more.

Want to experience a live Pizza Burrata masterclass with Chef Rob Gentile? Get tickets to Serving Knowledge Supper Club on September 23 here