Top 5 power forwards in franchise history


Throughout the history of the Toronto Raptors, there has always been a correlation between team success and having a great power forward on the roster.

Remember back to the Kyle Lowry/DeMar DeRozan days where the team was so close to getting over the LeBron hump (or at least the fans thought they were)?  All they needed was an upgrade at the forward position! James’ offensive supernova could’ve been extinguished.

By the time Pascal Siakam ascended into stardom, DeRozan had been flipped for Kawhi Leonard and the rest is history.  The Raptors haven’t had many star power forwards in their brief history, but when they do it often leads to devastating results for the opposition.

While Charles Oakley, Donyell Marshall, and Luis Scola just missed the cut, and Serge Ibaka was more of a center during his time north of the border, these five power forwards stand out as the best in franchise history.

Top 5 power forwards in Toronto Raptors history

Patrick Patterson, Raptors

TORONTO, ON – APRIL 02: Patrick Patterson #54 of the Toronto Raptors. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

Raptors power forward No. 5: Patrick Patterson

Starting the list off on a slightly underwhelming note, Patterson gets on the list by way of a decent tenure (four years), decent numbers (7.6 points, 4.9 rebounds per game), and getting some quality playing time for one of the more successful runs in Raptors franchise history.

A solid player, he was really a product of the team around him. Often times the worst of the five starters during the DeRozan era, Patterson was marketed to Raptors fans as a rock-solid 3-&-D player similar to OG Anunoby is today. Someone who could knock down open jumpers, grab a few rebounds, and guard the opposing team’s best forward.

Patrick Patterson had some solid moments for the Raptors

Patterson was able to endear himself to Raptors fans when he first arrived, as he was the perfect rough-and-tumble big man off of the bench. While Patterson looked to have a career as a backup big man on Dwane Casey’s team, his inability to come through in the postseason eventually brought his

Patterson was a solid player for a few years, but was certainly never a star and more often than not left the team feeling flat. No doubt he will be replaced on these lists over the coming years.