The Wild Women Podcast – NOW Magazine


Open Heart Surgery Theatre presents the podcast pilot episode. Martha Ross and Coleen Shirin MacPherson, two theatre makers find themselves grappling with their obsession with Leonora Carrington, the English-born Mexican painter and writer whose surreal life and art has impacted many. Their obsession transforms as they chat with writer Heidi Sopinka; falling into Carrington’s paintings themselves, they witness a world that is strange, animalistic, mythological and absurd.

Listen to the first episode on Thursday, January 21 at 7 pm at

The Wild Women podcast is created in collaboration with Yearime Castel Barragan (performer), Mitchell Akiyama (original musical score), Christopher Ross-Ewart (sound design/sound editing) and special guest Heidi Sopinka. With support from the Canada Council for the Arts’ Digital Originals program.