The Soul Power Gospel Choir of Toronto teamed up with Martina Ortiz-Luis for an unforgettable anthem – TheLeafsNation


Ahead of last night’s Toronto Maple Leafs game versus the Winnipeg Jets, which fell on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Leafs anthem singer Martina Ortiz-Luis and the Soul Power Gospel Choir teamed up for an absolutely breathtaking rendition of O’ Canada. If you missed it, check it out:

While many believe that anthems at sports events are unnecessary and outdated, they are still performed regularly. If the anthem is going to be sung, we think that a performance like last night’s is the way to go. Martina always delivers a beautiful anthem, and Leafs fans are not alone in thinking she’s the best anthem singer in the NHL. Last night’s performance with the Soul Power Gospel Choir stepped it up a notch. We hope to see them back again sometime, and will definitely be checking out their other performances.

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