The NBA suspends their season while the NHL chooses to sit on the fence. – TheLeafsNation


There are plenty of things bigger than sports. We like sports, that’s why the people on this site write about sports, but things like public health and ensuring a pandemic doesn’t move swiftly through the population is one of those things that are significantly more important than the Leafs playing against the Nashville Predators as scheduled Thursday night.

The NBA seems to get this, and they opted to put their season on hiatus. The NHL responded with…

Now, there’s a very good chance that the next 24 hours the NHL will follow suit or at the very least the season will continue but without fans attending the games, but there is no guarantee of that.

The fact is for a league like the NHL that is so reliant on gate revenue, the suspension of games might be the favourable option. The NHL already plays well into June, would having hockey in July be too big a deal?

For now we wait. And the best way to pass the time is by washing your hands.