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Welcome to a grumpy special edition of Page 6ix: Locker room cleanout. For today’s column, your writer is feeling salty and therefore will just be dumping the Leafs locker room cleanout quotes in here and snarking about them.


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I want to preface, though, with this:

Alright, let’s do the thing.

First up is the captain John Tavares, and honestly there isn’t anything to snark on here because I’m just glad he’s doing better:

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Kudos to JT for stepping in and speaking for the team – all I can say is I hope he takes the offseason to fully and completely recover so that we see him don the C again in the fall.

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Next up is Mitch Marner, and oooh boy.

First though:

Hmm. We sure?


That was probably a good move on his part, considering what’s being said on Twitter the last couple days.

He also addressed rumours that he refused to play a certain role on the powerplay:

Well, I appreciate the honesty here about saying the same words over and over:

I actually tweeted about this a few weeks ago, and I do think it’s commendable that not one Leafs player tested positive for COVID this season. Interesting though to see Mitch link that to their commitment. I can see how that makes sense to them. They followed all rules and guidelines to avoid getting placed on the COVID protocol list and cost their team any players, I suppose.

This is actually….very levelheaded. I agree, Mitch.

We interrupt this locker room cleanout quote dump for breaking news:

And not one of them made it past the first round. Sigh.

Back to locker room. Time for Morgan Rielly to speak:

I mean, obviously. But what’s taking so long?

Uh huh….

Ah, there we go. Love that honesty, Mo.

Now onto Jake Muzzin, who is known for being very open with his media availabilities:

Deep insight there, Muzz.

Aw this is sweet though.

Oh and now we have @Frederik Andersen and I am in a glass case of emotion okay?

Welp it’s fine I’m not crying.

Oh Freddie….

And now onto Jumbo Joe Thornton:

Aww, take time to be a dad, Jumbo. Savour it!

Okay but this picture is making me LOL:

Yes yes the pieces are there but if you don’t fit the puzzle together properly it doesn’t matter!

So insightful and philosophical, Joe.

Well this is nice, though:

And now onto the other newly added veteran, Wayne Simmonds:

I might be alone here but I kinda want him to come back? He’s so likeable.

Oh, well:

Okay for the love of all things holy KEEP @JASON SPEZZA FOREVER:

Make him captain or like honorary captain or like captain emeritus idc just DO IT KYLE:

Too pure for us:


I can not reiterate enough how much I adore this man and need him to remain a Leaf for all eternity:

Speaking of…I’m not at all prepared to consider Zach Hyman not being a Leaf. At all.


I don’t like sad Zach Hyman:

Stop, I can’t take it. Just sign a contract please:

It’s time for the man himself to speak – Rocket Richard winner Auston Matthews:

Rallying around Mitch, too:

HEH I giggled:

Okay hockey but make it sexual?

Sorry sorry trying to delete.

Oh William Nylander, never change:


It’s just so simple with him:

And last up we have @Jack Campbell and I am not sure I’m ready.

Aww buds!


Well, that was a rollercoaster. It’s going to be an interesting offseason, that’s for sure.

Check back later for more on what our coaching and front office staff had to say.


See you next week.