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Welcome to day two of voting. The play-ins are done, you can find the results below, and we’re now onto our first region, that fun time known as the Ballard era. For our purposes, we’ll just call it The Darkest Timeline Region. There are some truly great Leafs in this region, and a lot of years of their prime wasted.

#1 Darryl Sittler vs. #16 Vincent Damphousse

Let’s start by saying that Damphousse had a great career, and started it off with some solid years with the Leafs. If he wasn’t dealt to kick start the Fletcher era we’d probably think a lot more fondly of him rather than struggling to think of him at all.

Darryl Sittler on the other hand was the beacon of hope during the 70s, and made it seem like winning in the Ballard era was possible. His long held title as the all-time scoring Leaf, and his unbreakable 10 point in a game record probably put him in consideration for being in the Final Four.


#8 Ian Turnbull vs. #9 Ron Ellis

Turnbull had a shorter career than he probably deserved. He also probably should have been an All-Star more, than once, but given that he was second fiddle to Salming, Turnbull might have an uphill battle.

Ron Ellis played over 1000 games in the NHL, all for the Leafs. He also has the ’72 Summit Series on his resume which helps his legacy.


#5 Rick Vaive vs. #12 Norm Ullman

Okay, so Vaive is a former captain, the record holder for goals in a season (even if it was the 80s) and a player we’ve heard a lot more about since Auston Matthews is now threatening his records. Vaive is another Leaf who if he had the luxury of playing more of his career in Toronto would probably have his number retired.

When I think of Norm Ullman, I think of the Detroit Red Wings first, so I guess that’s the challenge with Ullman, who was an incredibly good player. He was a marquee name in the Ballard years and maybe he can pull off some upsets.


#4 Borje Salming vs. #13 Steve Thomas

Poor Stumpy. This is a rough draw here. He’s had a great first stint with Toronto and followed up with an energetic victory lap as his career concluded.

Salming, on the other hand, is quite likely the greatest defenseman in franchise history.


#6 Tiger Williams vs. # 11 Al Iafrate

I’m shocked how low Al Iafrate was ranked as he was probably the most fun part of the mid to late 80s Leafs. Bullet of a shot, end to end rushes, the skullet, and the cigarettes in the locker room.

Tiger Williams also has a lot of interesting personality traits, and he was Domi before Domi, and I’ve learned through this exercise that a lot of you really love Tie Domi.


#3 Lanny McDonald vs. #14 Bill Derlago

That beautiful, beautiful stache. We could be voting just off that beautiful stache. Of course, Lanny, like a lot of these players was shown the door early in his time in the Leafs.

As for Bill Derlago, well, whenever I go home to visit my in-laws I get to drive through Birtle, Manitoba, the proud home of Bill. That’s something. His career was cut short, but he does have the highlight of scoring 40 goals in a season for the Leafs.


#7 Mike Palmateer vs. #10 Paul Henderson

Few jobs are more thankless than being a Ballard era Leafs goaltender. Palmateer was one of the best, and he unquestionably had one of the coolest masks in team history.

Paul Henderson is here largely on the strength of the Summit Series. There’s nothing wrong with that.


#2 Wendel Clark vs. #15 Gary Leeman

Gary Leeman is getting done dirty by the seeding. He scored 50 for the Leafs in a season. We haven’t seen a lot of that. And his trade brought in Doug Gilmour. That was a pretty big deal.

On the other hand, Wendel Clark never scored 50. He did score 46 once, and that was good enough to get him dealt for Sundin. Of course, we mainly love Clark for as the facepunching captain that also managed to score. If he had been healthy you have to wonder what could have been.


As for the results from yesterday, Bobby Baun won his match up against Hap Day and will be facing off against Frank Mahovlich.

A stunning upset by Sergei Berezin over Dmitri Yushkevich has him facing Curtis Joseph, and Clarke MacArthur has earned the honour of being destroyed by Auston Matthews.

Keep on voting, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.