The Brief History of London Hotels


Before we start to mention anything else it would be necessary to say a few words about the history of London hotels and mention some aspects that many of us don’t know about, especially those that never had the chance to visit the capital of UK. Basically the first “boom” about the amazing hotels in London took place in the 19th century. Different sources relate that before this exact period, some large hotels were absolutely unheard of. England at the end of the 18th century is considered to be mostly an agricultural region, as most landowners usually lived in the countryside. Also, business visitors and travelers were on a much smaller scale due to the lack of accessible means of transport.

However, there were many lodging options available back then, called either lodging houses or coaching inns. On the other hand, we cannot compare those with the modern and contemporary hotels that we know about today because most of them were not even in the center of the city but along the most important travel roads and networks. Besides some of the existing coaching inns, there were some smaller hotels that are considered to be the precursor of modern type of lodging. By the end of the 1860’s, the railroads development came to a certain extent and it offered people the possibility to travel more. In such a way, many business and leisure travelers started to come to London more often but for shorter periods of time.

Hotels that specialized in offering shelter to railroad passengers were named “Railway hotels” and were constructed very close to the terminals. Due to their strategic locations, these hotels attracted the most guests, therefore being later transformed into something larger and more luxurious, this way trying to solve the needs and desires of each and every possible client. Many of these hotels where build during the Victorian era. The “Langham Hotel”, for example, was the largest hotel in the city of London and still exists today.

Here are some other large luxury hotels in London that still run nowadays: the “Midland Grand Hotel”, the “Thistle Victoria”, the “Great Northern Hotel” and the “Landmark Hotel”.

Source by Emanuel Bernard