Summer Fun Can Land You in Court


Summertime can mean lots of outdoor fun and excitement, but these activities can also lead to serious accidents and big lawsuits. While most auto, home and power sports policies typically provide liability liability for bodily injury and property damage, sometimes the policy limits are not enough to cover the costs associated with a large court settlement.

This is why it's important to consider purchasing a Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP) to provide you with a high-dollar amount of liability coverage and peace of mind that their assets are protected should an accident happen.

At a cost of about $ 1 a day (varies by state), a PUP policy works with your existing liability coverages to provide them with additional protection. While anyone could be vulnerable to a lawsuit, some people have greater potential liability. Households with children and teenagers, households who own a trampoline, swimming pool or a dog, boat and motorcycle owners, coaches of little league sports teams, non-profit volunteers and owners of rental properties should all consider purchasing a PUP policy.

Many of the disabilities facing individuals have a greater potential to happen during the summer months, which makes now a great time to ask about a PUP policy. To find a local insurance agent that can assist you with an umbrella policy visit the Find Local Insurance directory.

Do not think that you'll never get sued. It happens everyday to people that have done nothing wrong. Open the newspaper and you'll see lawsuits through out the headlines. Every other commercial on TV is put out by a legal firm.

Remember: you do not have to be a millionaire to be sued like one.

Source by Rich Kahmer