Spencer Dinwiddie deal makes sense with or without Kyle Lowry


This Toronto Raptors free agency period needs to involve a thorough investigation of the point guard market, as the potential departure of Kyle Lowry could leave a humungous hole in the middle of this squad. If the front office is in a gambling mood, they could choose to add Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie.

Dinwiddie averaged over 20 points per game for Brooklyn in 2019-20, but he has only played in three games this year thanks to a torn ACL, though he is trying to keep himself ready for a potential return in the postseason. Dinwiddie has a player option worth over $12 million next season, but declining it could be the better decision for him.

If Dinwiddie wants a big contract post-injury, he isn’t going to get it as the fifth or sixth scoring option in Brooklyn. If he tests the free agent waters, Toronto might be a potential destination for someone who has long been one of the more underrated players at his position in the league.

Bleacher Report has already designated Dinwiddie as a potential option for the Raptors if they get ambitious in free agency, as he could use his size to be a mismatch at point guard or move to the shooting guard spot and continue to put the ball in the basket.

Spencer Dinwiddie could be a welcome addition to the Toronto Raptors.

Even if the Raptors retain Lowry, Dinwiddie could still be added if he is willing to take an economical deal with the intent of showcasing his skills. His time in Brooklyn proved that he is willing to play both guard spots. Ideally, he will be used as an off-ball guard, which could help him and Fred VanVleet coexist.

When Kyrie Irving missed a good chunk of the 2019-20 season, Dinwiddie proved how consistent he can be on offense thanks to his gaudy averages. He wasn’t just sitting beyond the 3-point line, as almost 40% of his shots came at the rim, per Cleaning the Glass (subscription required).

On defense, Dinwiddie can lock down either one of the two guard spots thanks to his frame and tenacity on that end. Playing tough perimeter defense for Nick Nurse is a necessity, and Dinwiddie can check that box.

With his skinny 6-6 frame and a surprisingly deep bag of interesting moves needed to get separation and create shots for himself, Dinwiddie could hit 20 per game in Toronto’s offense with ease if he is fully recovered.

Obviously, the Raptors should be a bit wary of giving Dinwiddie a long-term deal given how banged up his knee is. However, on a short-term deal, Dinwiddie could give Toronto enough scoring to both announce to the league that he is fully healthy again and ready to do some damage as a secondary or tertiary scoring option.