Sounds of Davenport – NOW Magazine


Sounds of Davenport livestream event will take place October 23 via the Sounds of Our Towns YouTube, 7 pm. The event, filmed at the Paradise Theatre, is designed to draw attention to the resilience of performing musicians and artists during the past 19 months of COVID-induced lockdowns, while highlighting the vibrant artistic community in the federal riding of Davenport, Toronto. And serve as a reminder to the municipal, provincial and federal governments that the arts are integral to the vitality of this city. Watch the trailer here.

Discussing, executive producer & performer Aline Homzy noted, “‘Sounds of Davenport’ is the first concert of its kind, featuring numerous musicians in Toronto, playing their original music. In a time when artists are having to deal with financial and mental-health struggles, this event has been a bright light for all involved. The project has provided sustenance to over 25 artists living in the Davenport area, in a time when our government has continually failed to recognize the vitality of artists in our communities and neighborhoods. With funding from FACTOR, the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Arts Council, this concert will astound all who will attend.”

Sounds of Davenport looks to shine a spotlight on artists from under-represented communities within the diverse riding of Davenport, featuring many artists who play creative, original music and who may not have many opportunities to present their art in a meaningful way.

Perfomring artists:

Christine Bougie, Luanda Jones, Chaveco, Nick Fraser, Rodney Diverlus, Aline Morales, Emma Hewson, Tania Gill, Victor Bateman, Lydia Persaud, Robert Alan Mackie, Beth Silver, Andrea Ramolo, Kobéna Aquaa-Harrisson, Carlie Howell, Angelica Ne, Spencer Cole, Maryem Tollar, Ernie Tollar, Roslyn Black, Peter Elkas, Rich Brown, Elena Kapeleris, Rebecca Hennessy, Njo Kong Kie, Michael Herring, Michael Davidson, Aline Homzy