SIMMONS: NBA title anniversary: The night the Raptors made the impossible possible


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The odour was daunting late into the evening, that rare combination of sweat and champagne. On this special night, the odour was rather intoxicating.

It was bedlam everywhere in the Oracle Arena, but nowhere more so than in the championship locker room of the Raptors, on the Thursday night that is still so hard to believe, at the end of the stunning, memorable, still shocking NBA title win by Toronto.

The spray of champagne stings when it gets in your eyes and stains your clothing, and the architect Masai Ujiri was rubbing his eyes and laughing and smiling and hugging everyone around him. The scene was bedlam and then some: Bedlam inside the dressing room, bedlam in the hallways outside the room, screaming and shouting and celebrating everywhere in the last game to be played at Oracle Arena.

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The championship no one saw coming.

The championship we will celebrate forever.

The final score was Raptors 114, Golden State Warriors 110. The game and the title wasn’t decided until the final 10 seconds of Game 6. This was one of those basketball games you see in the movies, just rarely in real life. There were few runs, little momentum, the game just went back and forth and back and forth. The Raptors led by one at the end of the first quarter, a sensational quarter, a sensational start for the rock named Kyle Lowry.