She’s Malcolm X – NOW Magazine


Hart House at U of T presents a collaborative effort, born of a diverse range of voices and situated at the crossroads of gender, race, faith and activism. “She’s Malcolm X” will shine a spotlight on the often ignored history of Black Muslim women and their contributions to social change. Special Guests: Mustafa Briggs (speaker, scholar, educator), Rania El Mugammar (artist, anti-oppression consultant, liberation educator) and Ikran Jama (U of T Student, Rhodes Scholar, President of the ASSU at U of T). Moderated by Habon Ali. We seek to recognize and acknowledge the teachings, knowledge and experience of the many Black Muslim women who played a critical role in shaping the multi-faceted life of Malcolm X. We ask about the ways in which Black Muslim women are silenced and their excellence measured only in relation to the success of male figures. How does anti-Black racism work to further marginalize the stories of these women? Using a critical lens to understand the important histories of Black Muslim women, we will explore current realities and future possibilities for Black advocacy and social justice. Feb 2 at 4 pm.