Sentiment’s nice and all, but it’s best to let the Raptors season end with a whimper, not a bang


Little Things That Should Be Bigger Things But Aren’t, as we usually do in these parts to wind up another week.

There was some chatter among The People last night about whether or not the Raptors should use any or all of the injured/resting/getting a jump on their off-season players who’ve been sitting on the sidelines watching for a couple of weeks or so in either of the final two games of the regular season.

I don’t know if they will for sure and maybe they’ll surprise us but I would highly doubt it.

Most of it, of course, has to do with Kyle Lowry, whose very uncertain future creates the real possibility that tonight in Dallas or Sunday afternoon in Tampa will be the swansong to an utterly amazing career here.

The others are all, to some degree, hurt and rehabbing and having them dress for and play in a full speed NBA game after maybe weeks of inactivity seems to make little sense to me.

With Lowry, I absolutely get it because fans want to see him in uniform one more time. But it’s not like they’re going to be able to cheer him wildly or give him some extended standing ovation; something about just watching on TV would leave everybody wanting, I suspect.

I don’t imagine Kyle’s the least bit sentimental about it and I highly doubt that Masai and Bobby are, either.

And it sure didn’t sound like Nick was when he was asked about it before last night’s outing.

“Yeah, maybe,” he said, somewhat unconvincingly. “I think again, it remains to be seen. Three to go and each day’s a new beginning and we kind of figure it out as it goes from there. Day to day is day to day, and rest, and when guys are ready to go it’s ready to go, so we shall see.”

They all know – and in your heart of hearts, you all know – the history and the moments and the memories you want to keep close, some short run in a nondescript regular season game to end a dreadful year isn’t going to add to them.

They sure don’t “owe” the fans in either Dallas or more specifically Tampa anything and I don’t think even if things were normal that they’d “owe” fans here anything like that.

No, I don’t see the need to dress anyone for any sentimental reason.

And a large part of me thinks this season deserves to end with a whimper and not a bang.

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It’s a perfectly gorgeous morning out, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky and warm enough already to sit on Super Deck and ease into the day.

So why wouldn’t this be the day that every significant summer festival/event in Toronto – the car race, the jazz festival, the Caribbean festival – gets cancelled for 2021 as I just read somewhere.

People? Keep your damn masks on, stay away from each other, get vaccinated and don’t be among the collection of selfish idiots who bound and determined to wreck things for others for months to come.

Heck, we’ve got a provincial government that’s shown it can do that tremendously well.

Apropos of nothing.

Two things I wish I’d invested in over the years:

Magnetic wands and Zoom.

Big night for the WNBA tonight, kicking off its 25th season and, in some ways, I think it’s leading into a big night for the league up here.

I know there will be those closely watching how the league does in such manners as viewership both over the air and on the app and various social media platforms, I am sure there will be people listening for any buzz about the teams, the players, the league as a whole because now that commissioner Cathy Engelbert has even mentioned “expansion” — as she did early in this pre-season – folks will be watching real metrics as well as looking for anecdotal evidence of the popularity of the league up here.

This is quite aside from the fact the game has never been better and I know from personal experience that casual fans come to understand why when they get around to giving it a chance.

So give it a chance. Games are findable on sports networks here, they’re all over the interwebs and it really is worth the time investment you’ll make.

Given the state of the pandemic here and given the province’s history of lurching through it and given the realities of the time, I cannot imagine the Blue Jays playing a game in Toronto before next spring.

And that’s really too bad.

I’ve had occasion to watch them a lot the last few days – the timing has worked quite well which is quite nice – and as I told my pal Griff last night, that’s a really fun team to watch.

Just the way they handle themselves, the apparent joy they have playing the game and being teammates comes through and it’s kind of infectious.

Sure, they’ll lose a bunch and I don’t know if the lights out bullpen work is sustainable and I’m still unsure if they’ll catch the ball well enough to truly compete but, man, they are fun to watch.

And this Marcus Simien guy? I love that guy. Just “looks” like a ballplayer and certainly not someone you’d want to cross.