Saga Connections #2: “Those highly creative Icelandic Canadians”


We’re all aware of writing and how reading and writing were important in Iceland, where it helped literature replace some of those things that extreme poverty took away. There are all these stories about people in Iceland reading in the evening and so on, and learning to read and the use of homeschooling, etc.. And that didn’t get left behind in Iceland, it got transferred to Canada. And at one time there were more books published in Icelandic language in Winnipeg than there were in Iceland!

The people that came here may have been poverty stricken but they brought with them a tremendous love of literature. That is what this Saga Connections conversation is going to explore. Bill will talk about as many Icelandic Canadian writers of fiction as he can fit in. He will talk about fiction writers and people who wanted to find ways to tell stores they wanted to share.

Join us on Feb 3rd for this exciting opportunity to hear from one of our community’s leading fiction writers, to discuss this fascinating topic, share your stories of great books, and get a chance to ask Bill how he came up with some of his fascinating characters!

Join us for this Online webinar event through Zoom.