Right Before our Eyes: Dissent, Democracy and Creative Resistance in Hong Kong


After the passing of the National Security Law on July 1, 2020, we witnessed the ‘un-doing and dismantling’ of the relatively high autonomy of Hong Kong. In this session, we situate the HK pro-democracy protests in 2019 as part of the global movement against tyranny and dictatorship. Hong Kong people have stood up against a powerful authoritarian regime to safeguard the core values of democracy, freedom of expression and the rule of law. It is now incumbent upon us as members of the international community to take meaningful actions and extend our full support.

The four panellists discuss the actions of the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement as a collective expression of freedom and a form of creative resistance. We discuss its impact on and interrelationship with Canadian and other movements for democracy. Oct 27 at 10 am.