Relive Vince Carter’s iconic dunk in bobblehead form


Twenty years ago (anyone else feeling old?), Vince Carter dropped an iconic dunk in the dunk contest. So Toronto Raptors fans are going to love this bobblehead.

You know what? Let’s party like it’s 2000. When Vince Carter was on the Toronto Raptors and regularly putting opposing players on posters. When he was dominating the dunk contest. When the Raps had the dribbling dino logo.

Good times.

In fact, they were so good we’re going to play them again.

Amazing stuff from Vinsanity.

But if watching isn’t enough for you, then you’re going to love FOCO’s latest bobblehead. That’s because it will allow you to immortalize Vince Carter in your office or fan cave forever.

Check it out below – or visit FOCO.


  • Portrays Carter in a leaping dunking action pose while wearing throwback Raptors jersey, because retro is sooo in right now
  • Metal rod suspending figure off base, showcasing VC’s serious hops
  • Team logo display on top of base, in case there were any doubts where your allegiances lie
  • Front name display so everyone knows who the face of your franchise is
  • Handcrafted
  • Hand painted
  • Approximately 8 inches tall
  • Individually numbered to 1,541

You can pre-order your Vince Carter bobblehead today for $40. It will ship out no later than November 5, 2020.

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