Raptors to Open Scotiabank Arena to Register US Voters Living in Canada


The Toronto Raptors have made it their mission to get as many American citizens living in Canada registered to vote in the upcoming United States federal election.

Ever since the NBA returned, the Raptors have been leaders for social change, plastering their busses with the words Black Lives Matter and calling for change to end systemic racism.

Now, they’ve taken it a step further. The organization will open Scotiabank Arena in the coming days to help get Americans living in Canada registered to vote, Raptors coach Nick Nurse said in his press conference Thursday.

In mid-July, the Raptors launched their get out the vote campaign, encouraging Americans living abroad to register to vote by going to FVAP.gov.

“No excuses anymore,” Nurse said on July 19. “It’s time for everybody to exercise their right.”

Last week Raptors president Masai Ujiri made a plea to get Americans voting in the upcoming November 3 election.

“We have to fight this fight. We have to continue this fight. And it comes from—it starts with voting,” Ujiri said. “It starts with voting. We cannot be afraid. A lot of leaders are afraid to speak. A lot of leaders are afraid to speak their mind. We all know what the issue is. The issue is leadership, OK? The issue is leadership. We all need to go out, vote and make the change that should happen, and we go from there.”

There were three million American citizens of voting age living abroad in 2016, according to the Federal Voting Assistance Program. Approximately 7% of those Americans cast ballots in 2016.