Raptors Rejected Trade Offer Of Paul George, Russell Westbrook For Pascal Siakam


The Oklahoma City Thunder engaged both the Los Angeles Clippers and Toronto Raptors on a trade for Paul George.

George was willing to join the Raptors had Kawhi Leonard agreed to re-sign.

Sam Presti tried to include Russell Westbrook in the package along with George that was centered on Pascal Siakam as the centerpiece. Masai Ujiri, however, wasn’t interested in executing that trade.

Adrian Wojnarowski added on Twitter: “In the end, Toronto didn’t have assets to satisfy OKC — with or without Siakam in any proposed deal. The fear of Toronto entering into trade talks with OKC only proved to guarantee the Clippers would go the distance with five first-round picks and (Shai Gilgeous-Alexander) in deal for George.”

Wojnarowski also reported that there was a time where the Clippers thought the Raptors were going to acquire Leonard and then re-sign Leonard.

Ultimately, the Clippers acquired George with Leonard agreeing to sign as well.