Quebec Government Has Unique Chance to KO Fighting in Jr. Hockey


So if we have this straight, the Quebec League has the opportunity to receive $20 million from the provincial government and all it has to do in return is take steps to curb the number of times teenagers get punched in the face. As far as corporate welfare goes, that’s a win for the home team.

Like all its other provincial counterparts, the Government of Quebec is more than willing to help junior hockey operators line their pockets. Early in 2020, it was persuaded by the QMJHL to change its own employment standards laws to classify players as ‘student athletes’ rather than employees. That alone represents savings in the millions of dollars. You’d think in the middle of a global pandemic, a government would have better things to do with $20 million than help prop up for-profit enterprises – granted, some teams are community owned – that exploit teenagers, but hey, it ain’t my money.