QMJHL Clamps Down on Fighting in Exchange for Government Relief Money


Twelve teams in the Quebec League will be adding almost $1.7 million each in free taxpayer money to their bottom lines this season and all it took was their owners tweaking the rules to curb the number of times teenagers get punched in the face. Will those junior hockey operators be passing these riches on to the players to whom they pay poverty wages? Don’t be silly. But at least the players will be marginally safer while they make almost no money.

So much for fighting being such a vital part of the game’s fabric. So much for it being a necessary outlet for all that unbridled emotion that’s being displayed out there. So much for it allowing players to police themselves. Turns out, all it takes for hockey operators to let go of their zeal for fighting is to give them $20 million so they can get through a season during which they’ll be playing in empty arenas.