Pro Jackets in Classic NBA Uniforms — Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets


In the midst of the NBA’s 74th season — currently on hold — ESPN’s experts ranked the 74 greatest in five different categories. For the purposes of this exercise, they considered a team’s jersey set (home, road, alternate) a single entity, unless the styles differed in ways more significant than a color swap.

The Utah Jazz’ “Red Rocks” uniforms, worn during the time Derrick Favors played for the Jazz (see photo below), are rated No. 53. Minnesota’s “Purple Rain” uniforms, worn by Josh Okogie, are rated No. 42. The Brooklyn Nets current black and white uniforms, worn by Thaddeus Young, Iman Shumpert and Jarrett Jack, come in at No. 69. Miami’s “Back to Black” uniforms, worn by Chris Bosh from 2012-14, rank No. 34. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ “Blue CAVS” uniforms (1987-89), worn by Mark Price, are No. 31. The Detroit Pistons’ “Bad Boys Blue” uniforms, worn by John Salley, are No. 16. The L.A. Lakers “Showtime Gold” uniforms were voted No. 1.

Following is a photo gallery of former Yellow Jackets in the NBA wearing many of these uniforms.

Derrick Favors in the Utah Jazz’ “Red Rocks”

Thaddeus Young in Chicago Bulls’ black with pinstripes

Jon Barry in Denver Nuggets “Blue Dazzle”

Dion Glover in Toronto Raptors’ black and purple

Duane Ferrell in Atlanta Hawks’ “Pac-Man” red

Matt Geiger in Philadelphia 76ers “2000s dazzle”

Tom Hammonds in Washington Bullets’ red, white and blue

Matt Harpring in Utah Jazz’ “Purple Mountains”

Jarrett Jack in Portland Trail Blazers’ “uppercase BLAZERS”

Malcolm Mackey in Phoenix Suns’ “90s black”

Stephon Marbury in New York Knicks’ “black accents”

Travis Best in Dallas Mavericks’ “modern navy”

Craig Neal in Portland Trail Blazers’ “lowercase blazers”

Mark Price in Cleveland Cavaliers’ “blue CAVS”

John Salley in Los Angeles Lakers’ “Showtime Gold”

Dennis Scott in Orlando Magic’s “Electric blue”

John Salley in Detroit Pistons’ “Bad Boys blue”

Iman Shumpert in Brooklyn Nets’ “Black and white”

Brook Steppe in Kansas City Kings’ “Baby blue”

Thaddeus Young in Philadelphia 76ers’ “classic red”

Fred Vinson in Seattle Supersonics’ “Space needle”

Kenny Anderson in Boston Celtics’ “classic green”

Tom Hammonds in Minnesota Timberwolves’ “black with tree trim”

Jarrett Jack in Golden State Warriors’ “modern”

Thaddeus Young in Chicago Bulls’ “road red”


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PHOTOS: Pro Jackets in Classic NBA Uniforms

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