PI Day Brunch w/ Kyne From Canada’s Drag Race


March 14th is pi day because it’s 3/14 & the infamous digits of pi are none other than 3.14. This one hour workshop is packed with fun facts and magical tales of how pi and circles came to be in the first place. Learn why pi is so important and special, how it even got discovered in the first place, and some cool ways it is used IRL. A math student at the University of Waterloo, Kyne uses her love for math & drag to break stereotypes in a fun, accessible way. 45-minute presentation-style chat, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. Virtual workshop taking place over Zoom. March 14 from 11 am-noon. $10.  Please show up 5 minutes early. For ages 12+.


Proceeds from this event go to Rainbow Railroad.

What do you need to bring? I mean, we’ll be eating pie…since it’s Pi Day! We recommend bringing a slice of pie, and yes, PIZZA PIE totally counts:)

Want to know more? Email at booking@themathguru.ca or find us on instagram at @themathguru!