One reason they should and should not trade for Harden


The Toronto Raptors are 2-7 so far this season. They are currently at the 14th seed in the eastern conference.

After a disappointing start, changes to the roster could happen soon for the Toronto Raptors. And trading for James Harden could improve the team.

It is no secret that Harden, who is currently averaging 29.4 points per game, 4.6 rebounds per game, and 11.0 assists per game, wants a trade from the Houston Rockets and join with another team. The rumored teams that he prefers to join are the Brooklyn Nets, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Milwaukee Bucks, the Portland Trail Blazers, the Boston Celtics, and the Miami Heat.

Even though Toronto isn’t on the rumored list, they do have the assets to make a trade and they might be the only team out of the seven teams that I mentioned before who could be willing to trade for Harden.

The trade that makes sense for both teams is James Harden and PJ Tucker for Pascal Siakam, Norman Powell, the Raptors 2021 unprotected first-round draft pick, and the Raptors 2023 top-five protected first-round draft pick.

For the Houston Rockets, they get an all-star player in Siakam who can play along with Christian Wood in the frontcourt. Despite his struggles so far this season, a fresh start should be a good thing for Siakam. The Rockets also get two picks that they could use in the future to draft a player or trade the picks for even better assets. Despite losing Harden and his 30 ppg scoring, Powell will give the Rockets 14-17 ppg and gives other players a chance to increase their scoring average.

Even though this could work out for Houston, would this trade work out for Toronto? Well, here is one reason why it will work, and one reason why it would not work.