Nurse has options aplenty for Raptors, but none that really appeal


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Boucher actually provides much more production and effectiveness as the second big on the floor, but of course that job is already taken by an all-star in Pascal Siakam.

No matter which way Nurse turns, his choice is only half ways suitable.

Len, with time in Toronto’s system, could develop into the centre the Raptors need, but right now the more likely option is the tried and proven Baynes.

Whereas Len has yet to show sustained effectiveness in his career, Baynes has a track record.

The hope is that he can get back to being a somewhat reliable outside threat and the reliable defender he was in his Boston days and just as importantly an effective rebounder.

So far in a Toronto uniform he has been neither. He still sets a mean screen, but has yet to really find his fit in Toronto’s defence.

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The centre is the backbone of a team defence and until he starts moving in step with the other four defenders on the court, Toronto’s defence will continue to struggle.

That said, right now he appears to be the best of the three options although saying that after these past two games is extremely tough.

Were those all the personnel issues Nick Nurse had to deal with they alone would be enough, but then there’s the whole question of finding reliable reserves to spell the starters.

The quandary here is very much like the one at the centre position where Nurse has plenty of options that give him plenty of versatility but all of them come at a cost.

When he needs defence and rebounding coming off his bench, Nurse can turn to Yuta Watanabe or Stanley Johnson.