“Ni***s Look Happy as S**t”: Kevin Durant Takes a Dig at Warriors’ GM


After an incredible last few seasons, Golden State Warriors General Manager Bob Myers felt the 2017/18 victory was something they were supposed to do. It was their second season with Kevin Durant and Myers felt it didn’t give a huge amount of joy as it was by then normalcy.

The Warriors were already a strong unit before Durant came in. After winning the 2014/15 title, they set a new record for the most number of wins in the next season. Durant’s arrival in 2016 only strengthened the side. They immediately won two titles after his arrival.

“The second time with Kevin [in 2018] it felt like, ‘Well, we just did what we were supposed to do, and great job,’” Myers said as per ESPN. “It wasn’t joy. I’m sure a lot of people felt differently. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. I think there’s just a weight to everything. And so I’m sure [the Bulls] felt that weight of everything, the weight of relationships.”

The Warriors run is often compared to the Chicago Bulls dynasty of the 1990s under Michael Jordan. Although it is difficult to compare teams from different generations, they are certainly similarities between what the two have achieved.

Kevin Durant responds

Durant, usually quite active on social media, had a response to one of the posts with Myer’s statement. An Instagram post from Sideline sources had a photo of the Warriors team celebrating the win in 2018 with Myer’s statement.

“Ni***s look happy as s**t in that pic though,” Durant commented on the post.

Durant left the Warriors last summer for Brooklyn Nets after winning two titles and two finals MVP. He was injured in the finals of the 2018/19 season when the Warriors were looking for a three-peat. They had, however, lost to Toronto Raptors and Durant would sit out for a long time.

While he was initially expected to out for the entire 2019/20 season, a mid-season suspension of the league has given hopes of his return this season. It is, however, unclear as to when the league would resume and if Durant would be a part if it does.