NHL Announces Changes to Leafs Schedule


Another day, another tweet notification from the Leafs Twitter account that quickly turns anticipation into disappointment. Certainly not a feeling us Leafs fans can identify with.

The NHL announced updates to their 2020-21 schedule on Sunday, presumably to shoehorn this week’s postponed Canadiens games back into the schedule:

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As laid out above, the changes impact three Leafs games, with one time slot change (TOR @ WPG, moving the game back an hour to have it start at the right and natural time of 7PM ET) and two game date changes (MTL @ TOR moves from May 7 to May 6, TOR @ OTT moves from May 5 to May 10).

The good thing about the first date change is that it takes a back-to-back off the Leafs’ schedule. The Leafs were scheduled to play Montreal on Friday and Saturday that week, but now will face them Thursday and Saturday.

The bad news about the second date change is that it extends the Leafs’ regular season by two days. Their season was meant to end on Saturday, May 8th but now they face the Sens on the 10th, which is the last day of the season. This gives the Leafs less rest before the playoffs begin, which may result in the Leafs dressing a pretty taxi squad-heavy roster for game #56… if they can manage it in conjunction with the salary cap.

So for now that’s how the schedule looks, until the Canadiens mess up again and get pushed back into COVID protocol. Just be like Carey Price and don’t catch it.

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