New Orleans Pelicans, Toronto Raptors Could Be Playoff Contenders in Resumed season


The NBA is set for a return to action in the Summer from Orlando, with 22 teams and a play-in for the final playoff spots. Sports Illustrated host Robin Lundberg talked with SI writer Michael Shapiro about which teams on the bubble could be the most viable threat to shake up the postseason and with Aaron Rose of All Raptors about how a team like Toronto might be impacted as they get ready to resume a title defense.

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Robin Lundberg: The NBA is set for a return with a 22 team format. For more, I’m joined by our Michael Shapiro and Aaron Rose of All Raptors. Michael, let’s start with you. When you’re talking about the teams trying to play in, you identified two, in particular, the New Orleans Pelicans and the Blazers as the ones that could be most interesting.