Nets’ Steve Nash gives updates on Kevin Durant’s COVID-19 testing, Kyrie Irving’s injury


Kevin Durant/Kyrie Irving
Kevin Durant/Kyrie Irving

Kevin Durant wasn’t playing. Then, he came off the bench. And then he went back into the locker room. All of this happened on Friday night against the Toronto Raptors in Brooklyn, as the veteran forward went through contact tracing and was deemed eligible to play just to be taken off the court when that decision was reversed.

Head coach Steve Nash gave an update on the All-Star, who had to miss Saturday’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Nash said that Durant continue to test negative for COVID-19.

“From what I know, Kevin’s on about 90 negative tests,” Nash told reporters via Zoom, smiling. “It would be wonderful if he could join our ballclub as soon as possible.”

Also, during that Friday night loss, Kyrie Irving suffered a sprained index finger that kept him out of the game against the Sixers. But Nash is confident Irving will be able to play through it on Tuesday against the Detroit Pistons, calling the injury “manageable.”

“Ky’s index finger is improving,” Nash explained. “Having played with many of those myself, it’s the type of thing that sometimes doesn’t go away in the season but is manageable. So we’ll see what level he’s able to attain as far as the pain and inflammation becoming manageable or not. I think right now it’s in the manageable camp and he can play tomorrow night.”

James Harden tried leading the way for the Nets and had 26 points against Philly, while Landry Shamet had 22 of his own off the bench, but the Sixers were just too good for Brooklyn on Saturday night.

Nash will hope that his Big 3 is complete this week with matchups coming up against the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday and the Golden State Warriors on Saturday night.