NBA to Allow Players to Travel ‘out of Market’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


NBA is reportedly now allowing players to travel out of the market amid Coronavirus suspension. Players would be able to travel out with consultation from their respective teams. This news has been confirmed by The Athletics’ Sam Charania.

This decision has come just days after when the NBA decided that players must remain in the market of their team. It looks like, the NBA has backtracked on its own decision and it is certainly for the good of players.

If you are having a hard time understanding this decision. Then take it like this – that now players can leave the cities of the teams they play for now and can travel to their home town or anywhere else. But before travelling they have to tell the organization about it first and must have done ‘self-quarantine’. For Example, Toronto Raptors star Kyle Lowry can leave Canada and go back to the USA for these 30 days (until the league is suspended).

The announcement also includes that player who travels outside of the team’s home market must additionally keep the team updated on his whereabouts.

NBA extends ban on team practices

According to ESPN’s Tim Bontemps, the league has extended its ban on team practices. Though players will still be able to work out at team facilities individually. Bontemps also reports that the league has to recommend temperature checks on everyone entering team facilities.

As reported by Shams Charania earlier, the NBA has given some measures for team already which includes ‘one on one’ practice and no group workouts.


Further, Marc Stein also confirmed the “one player, one basket, one coach” rule. Trainers and doctors are also asked to check in health of players at least one time in a day.


Lately, the NBA has been on full vigilant mode because of the Coronavirus outbreak. First the league suspension and then rules regarding players’ workout. In the end, we should understand how this is in favor of fans, players and sport in itself. Because as they say ‘Precautions is better than cure”.