NBA Investigating Whether Cap Circumventing Inducements Were Offered In Offseason


The NBA is investigating whether improper inducements were offered to players to circumvent the salary cap this offseason.

The issue was raised by multiple team owners during the NBA’s board of governors.

There were also multiple reports this month suggesting that Kawhi Leonard’s representatives, in arranging his blockbuster move from the Toronto Raptors to the Los Angeles Clippers, had asked for perks that would violate the league’s collective bargaining agreement.

Stephen A. Smith said Dennis Robertson had asked other teams for houses, planes and guaranteed sponsorship money. Smith added, “I have no idea whether this is true or not.” 

In another report, The Sports Network in Canada said Robertson had asked for “things players don’t generally ask for in standard contract negotiations.”

The Minnesota Timberwolves were fined $3.5 million and penalized five first round picks due to under-the-table deals they signed with Joe Smith.