National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health (NCYMH) Walkathon for Equity & Unity


Walk for 15 min for equity and unity on Oct 21 at 11 am.

NCYMH National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health ( a BIPOC multi-faith diverse youth mental health organization is launching its five (5) year in-depth, positive unifying I Can’t Breathe Equity & Unity National Tour aimed at neutralizing the learning environments in elementary, secondary, post secondary and corporations so BIPOC humans can heal from past traumas, find their voice and thrive in neutralized environments which provide equal opportunities for BIPOC humans to succeed.

NCYMH believes that systemic discrimination and racism is a mental health problem because the victims of racism often suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc. The consistent and constant systemic and overt barriers BIPOC humans unjustly face every day destroys their self esteem which limits their opportunities and drive to succeed. Imagine going through your day with a 300 ton albatross on your back. This is a small depiction of what racism feels like.

The perpetrators of racism have been miseducated and are also mentally unhealthy as they are filled with a destructive irrational misconception and hatred based on skin color. Racism and discrimination for any reason is negative, divisive and hurts everyone mentally, emotionally and physically.

Wherever you are in October 21, 2020 please go outside for 15 minutes, if you can’t walk – stand on a sidewalk, a patch of grass and breathe in the air, look up in the sky and envision a world where everyone is given an equal chance to be free, live without discrimination of any kind and succeed.