Moss Park Art Fair – NOW Magazine


Amazing Moss Park Art Collective invites you to a one day event with social distancing protocols.  PEOPLE, PLACE & HISTORY Celebrating Our Heritage of the Arts dating back to 1852 as Toronto’s largest art patron, George Allan of Moss Park supported artist, Paul Kane.  Check out the art by Giselle Silvestri, Dan Philips, Alan McKee, Melanie Billark, Michael Sillers, Colour Blots by Angela, Rachelle Soloway, Julie Amlin, Sally Kou, Willow + Wyrd, Michael Jenkins, Brian A Hawkins and Giselle Selim. Due to COVID , we have moved our site from Moss Park to George St and Britain St where you will follow the dots on the ground to the outdoor industrial site at 30 Britain St. 11 am.


Free limited artist designed face masks for adult and children.