Masai Ujrii can’t target Victor Oladipo after latest injury


The Toronto Raptors know that they need to make a big swing in the postseason, and that big swing could include adding Victor Oladipo, fresh off a season split between the Indiana Pacers, Houston Rockets, and Miami Heat into the mix due to his potential as a star at both ends of the floor. Unfortunately, the Raptors free agency plans took a major hit.

Oladipo is averaging 19.8 points and 4.8 rebounds this season, showing that even amid a very chaotic situation in Houston that didn’t produce a ton of victories, he was able to prove his quality several times over.

While Oladipo figured to be the final piece in the Miami jigsaw that helped them reassert themselves in the postseason picture, his latest bad medical news should get teams interested in giving him a new contract some serious pause for thought.

The Heat announced that after just four games, Oladipo’s quad injury was so bad that he needs season-ending surgery. With another injury to unfortunately add to the pile, the Raptors, who could’ve made a serious run at him, should cross off any offseason plan centered around bringing him in.

The Toronto Raptors free agency plans must exclude Victor Oladipo.

Since the start of the 2018 season, Victor Oladipo has played in just 88 games, which is a major blow to his value. With a dearth of free agent two-way perimeter players, Oladipo should’ve been able to secure a hefty long-term deal, but he might need to settle for a “prove it” type of contract next season.

As the Raptors have made some moves, they clearly aren’t the same team in need of someone like Oladipo. While Gary Trent Jr. needs to work on his defense, the Raptors thought highly enough of him to swap him out and replace him with the younger alternative, If he develops as the Raptors think, Oladipo might become redundant.

Considering how bad the Raptors were off the bench this season, allocating the money that would’ve gone to Oladipo to several other players that can give them some peace of mind on the bench would be the more prudent option, especially considering how Oladipo is leaking coolant.

Oladipo would’ve been a perfect shooting guard for the Toronto Raptors, and he would’ve given them the injection of star power they needed so badly. Unfortunately, his injury concerns are starting to completely tank his value, and the Raptors would be foolish to spend as much money as it would require to bring him in.