MAC Make Up – Top Reasons Why I Love Mac Make Up


What do you think the best think about MAC make up is? Do you love the way that the colors you see in the packaging come out on your face the exact same shade, without you having to put a pound of it on? Is it the way that MAC is the brand of choice for so many industry professionals? Or do you find that the socially aware way in which they operate makes you happy to max out your Master Card for the cause? No matter what your reason for painting the canvas of your face with MAC products, it's hard to deny that the company puts out quality products.

Created in Toronto, Canada by salon owner Frank Angelo and photographer / make up artist Frank Toskan in 1985, MAC make up was never advertised. There was never a television campaign, no billboards or radio ads to get the company off of the ground. Instead, MAC make up gained popularity only through the word of mouth method. Make up artists everywhere were finding out about MAC and discovering for themselves how exactly high quality the product line was. Instead of just worrying about their products, the owners of the company decided to get socially involved as well.

MAC make up has four social initiative programs that are currently in place: MAC Cruelty Free Beauty, MAC Kids Helping Kids, Back to MAC Recycling and the MAC AIDS Fund. Even though the company was bought out by make up giant Estee Lauder Companies, the MAC line remains dedicated to helping those with AIDS. In fact, since the Estee Lauder Companies have gained controlling interest in the company, the MAC Viva Glam line has raised more than $ 86 million for its AIDS Fund. When a company is that dedicated to helping others in need, it just makes you want to buy the whole line each season!

Source by Jennifer Robertson