Leafs add Robertson and Liljegen to their taxi squad


When we see a tweet from Leafs PR our hearts skip a beat thinking that Kyle Dubas may have pulled off the long awaited trade, but in reality it’s just some taxi squad shuffling…

So ends the Kristians Rubins taxi squad era, and the triumphant return of Liljegren and Robertson is the end result.

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For a move from the Marlies to the Taxi Squad there’s no salary change, so this is strictly about getting Robertson and Liljegren practicing with the Leafs while the Marlies are off until the 29th.

For Robertson, who is returning from an injury, getting some additional time on the ice with the Leafs should help him be at best come game time and as for Liljegren, I think the Leafs really want to give him as much time as possible with the club so he can easily transition into the lineup if there is a defensive injury.

Unless I’m missing something obvious, I don’t think there’s much more to the move than that, and I’d expect them both to be back with the Marlies for Monday, unless an injury warrants them playing for the Leafs.